Call 4 projects - Design Factory Task Force
January 29, 2024

Call 4 projects - Design Factory Task Force


Get in touch with us if you would like to tackle a project together with a Design Factory Task Force in 2024. Design Factory Task Forces are agile student teams that work side by side with industry on R&D projects on the ARENA2036 research campus. The Design Factory Stuttgart trains both students and industry partners in the implementation of agile project management according to Scrum. In 2023, we ran two Design Factory Task Forces with ARENA2036 members Mercedes-Benz and SPIE. The Mercedes-Benz team implemented a radar sensor for autonomous driving applications in the ARENA2036 project FlexCAR and worked on trust models for humans in autonomous vehicles, resulting in two internal invention disclosures. The SPIE task force integrated various sensors installed in ARENA2036 from different manufacturers for predictive maintenance applications into an InfluxDB database management system and created a dashboard in Grafana for a clear and easy-to-use presentation for the user.

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