Semester Course

'Design Thinking – Innovation process in practice'

With the semester courses we strive to leverage the full potential at the intersection of student and industry collaboration. With a focus on ESG topics, interdisciplinary student teams tackle challenges from companies and organizations to provide new perspectives and solutions. Coaches enable students and industry partners to navigate through the Design Thinking process and to jointly develop innovative solutions. The guided co-creation helps to see supposedly familiar issues in a completely new light and to connect students with professionals. The semester course takes place in collaboration with Stuttgart University (Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science, Institute of Human Factors and Technology Management and Makerspace), Stuttgart Media University and University of Hohenheim.

What you can expect

Perspective change; co-create with students from a variety of disciplines

Employ Design Thinking to approach the innovation cycle from a ‘desirability’ perspective

Lower down internal barriers and do things differently


Finding the solution by means of the iterative Design Thinking process

Flowchart of the Design Thinking process

Interdisciplinary student teams create new solutions by following the Design Thinking process while considering our global responsibility.

A Design Thinking challenge is formulated from the perspective of the stakeholders and must not imply any solutions. It is formulated open enough to leave room for ideas yet concise to be relevant to the problem.

Design Factory Stuttgart accompanies you when selecting and formulating your challenge.

How to participate

Industry partners can purchase a ticket for the next semester, which starts in April and October. The ticket includes a challenge tackled in the semester course, close contact to the student teams in 5 touchpoints (each approx. 1.5h) over the course of the semester, as well as the possibility to announce open student positions in the tindustry job dating during the Design Factory gala.  

Students can register during the registration periods at their respective universities.

Interested parties who would like to gain practical Design Thinking experience and would like to accompany the process as a mentor for a semester can contact us at any time.

What our industry partners say

After the semester course

A transfer workshop is offered to assist you in adopting and integrating the prototype developed in the semester course.

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