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For cross-organziational and interdisciplinary collaboration on projects, team dynamics, structures, future skills and the appropriate methods are increasingly essential. Discuss your goals with our head coach Scarlett: HPI licensed Design Thinking coach, change manager and organizational and business model developer. She has a huge toolset and expertise on various workshop formats, including philosophies like Kintsugi and Ikigai as well us visual and haptical thinking. Reflect together how DF stuttgart can support you as an innovator and your innovation projects.

Kintsugi as a jumpstart for change

A team from the VHS Baden Württemberg involved us for their internal change processes. We used Kintsugi to empower the participants to reflect and re-create concepts.

Design sprint with Mercedes Benz

A team from Mercedes Benz received support in conducting a design sprint and was able to boost their project with insightful expert views and new concepts.

Strategy meetings with tangible communication

Prototyping materials and building blocks supported several teams at ARENA2036 to collectively develop visions and reflect on goals and roles.


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