GREENESTO (archived)

Mobile workshops in Stuttgart

We need to make Stuttgart greener. But how? Together with the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research (eni) and the Green Office of the University of Stuttgart, we have come up with a solution: "GREENESTO – adVANce your Mindset!" To stop climate change in a sustainable way, technological developments and political guidelines are not enough. It needs the sustainability awareness of the community, which is sensitized and feels responsible for the future of its city. We want to achieve that the citizens of Stuttgart's districts rethink.

What our workshops were about


The goal of GREENESTO was to advance the sustainability dialogue, but also: to work out together how they themselves can act sustainably and exert influence. In doing so, the workshop teams experienced the valuable input of other team members and the joint questioning and solving of complex issues.

Workshop model

We used a workshop model based on the fundamental ideas of mindset change and the method and mindset of Design Thinking. We converted a fully electric van into a mobile workshop platform so that we could reach people in a sustainable way.

A complete success

In 2022 we have been conducting the workshops at different schools in the districts of Stuttgart. With an interdisciplinary team of coaches, mentors and other creative minds, we have been able to inspire many teachers and students.


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