AdVANce your MINTset

Your journey to your future

Which future suits me? With a student-led workshop concept, we address this question together. Through the Japanese Ikigai approach, we reflect on our own skills, talents and preferences and derive possible components for a sustainable study program. In addition, elements of the innovative Design Thinking process help us explore our role in the team and solve creative tasks such as "invent a towel that shows the weather." We then reflect on the fact that STEM skills are necessary to implement the solutions, as well as design the future. With inspiring activities such as "Jeopardy - MINT Edition", we bring the range of studies offered by the University of Stuttgart to facilitate access to these topics.

The 3-step process


Who am I, what do I want and how do I find my way?

Design Thinking

In which steps does innovation unfold and what role can I play?

Navigating the study jungle

What fields of study are there and who is actually this MINT (STEM)?


Participate as a school

We offer the MINTset workshops with our eSprinter to high schools in the Stuttgart area starting in 10th grade, but especially for high school graduates. If you are connected to a school, perhaps even teach there yourself, and would like to participate in a workshop with your students, we should get to know each other. Click here for our registration form for participating schools.

Your contact: Michael Dick, Event Manager at ARENA2036 e.V. – write an E-Mail

Invitation for high school students @ARENA2036

The Design Factory Stuttgart cordially invites students of J1 and J2 to get a taste of the air of the research campus once a month. Lenard (technology management student) and Seif (environmental engineering student) as well as many others are looking forward to meeting you. Please register yourself and your friends here.

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