Task Force

Agile student teams

Design Factory task forces are agile student teams that work side-by-side with industry in R&D projects at the research campus ARENA2036.

In our projects we value:


The emergent process and work will be visible for you. You are in exchange with the teams as a Product Owner and join the regular meetings in the sprint – Scrum sprint planning and review – and may attend the weekly Scrum of the developers.


The Scrum artifacts and the progress toward the agreed goals is inspected frequently. The regular 5 Scrum events are implemented in a way adjusted to match the requirements of a working student team.


If any aspect of the process or resulting work deviates outside acceptable limits, we adapt as soon as possible, making use of the benefits of small, self-managing teams in an agile working environment.


How can a project be initiated?

Contact Design Factory Stuttgart with an idea for a project that can be run by a team of students. We take care of the application process and post the open working student positions in our network, arrange the interviews, and employ the students.

Design Factory Stuttgart then kicks-off the project and handles all team related aspects. As an industry partner, you will be the contact person for the student teams when it comes to discipline-specific questions.

What is special about the format?

  • The working students work in teams. Design Factory Stuttgart employs 3-4 students matching the project requirements and accompanies the teams methodically to develop into a self-managing team
  • A Scrum Master (PSM1) coaches both industry and the student teams in how to set up an agile project according to the official Scrum guide.
  • Industry partners benefit from the young and innovative mindset and new perspectives from the students, the hands-on Scrum training and the actual work packages accomplished.
  • Students learn how to work within an agile Scrum team, can develop their engineering skills and get into contact with partners from industry.
  • Projects run for a predefined time chosen by the partner, typically 4-6 months.

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