Design Thinking Training with SPIE
January 11, 2024

Design Thinking Training with SPIE

Scarlett Spiegeler Castañeda

Learning as a team was a great opportunity for our ARENA2036 partner SPIE, who decided to join us on a Design Thinking learning journey at the end of 2023. Thirteen participants spent two days learning about the principles, mindsets and tools of Design Thinking. They were given a challenge from our research campus and conducted interviews with innovators working at the ARENA2036 shopfloor. To understand their perspectives and needs, the two teams created a point of view and developed many ideas. After creating prototypes, they also had the opportunity to test and revise their ideas. At the end of our training, the participants reflected on the Design Thinking process and the tools to transfer elements into their projects.

We wish all participants a lot of innovative spirit and are already looking forward to the next training.

Impressions from the training

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