Design Thinking Training for Beginners

Develop your potential and co-create to reach your goals

This training is suitable for anyone who wants to get to know and understand Design Thinking and its mindset in depth. But also the first starting points for application in your own projects. We will approach Design Thinking with a "learning-by-doing" journey. You will understand it as you experience and do it. To ensure a successful run-through of the entire Design Thinking process, we will pre-train certain key tools in Module 1. This is a pre-training with a focus on human-centered methods/ mindsets that can also be used separately from the Design Thinking process. You will learn about the advantages of the holistic approach with its mindset, tools and process.

What you need to know about the training

Module 1 (2 x 0,5 days)

Deepening specific methods and mindsets to try out the key elements of Design Thinking.

Module 2 (2 days)

Application of the process consisting of six steps. Using a challenge from your company or our research campus, you will embark on a Design Thinking journey, observing users, prototyping, receiving feedback, and iterating.

Module 3 (0,5 days)

Reflect with the group to internalize what you have learned and discuss the benefits, limitations, and potential of Design Thinking. Transfer what you have learned to your projects.


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